Improves working memory and concentration
Reduces anxiety
Improves patience
Increases curiosity
Improved academic stress
Better ability to regulate emotions
Less aggression in ADHD children
Coping tool for dealing with bullying
Who We Are
Who We Are

The Young Minds Movement is a community-based non-profit organization founded by Preeti Hans and Jasmin Brar. The YMM founders are committed to providing quality, evidence-based mindfulness practises to children and youth. The majority of their workshops focus on relaxation techniques practised throughout the day, at school or at home.  

Preeti and Jasmin are passionate and devote their time and energy to ensure the program is run free of cost and accessible to every child regardless of socio-economic status, education and race.


The facilitators at The Young Minds Movement deliver workshops based around the psychological process of practising mindfulness in everything that we do. Our Facilitators encompass and demonstrate ways to approach life with acceptance, patience, non-judgement, and compassion for ourselves and others. These include tools for self-reflection and discovery, analytical tools in relation to social media, taking responsibility, for their own decisions, and body positivity. 


Mindfulness is non-judgemental, (not labeling things “good” or “bad” but rather observing with a neutral attitude); and of stillness in heart and mind (though the body may be moving). Mindfulness is simply a state of mind, not owned by any form of spirituality or religious belief. We do not use mindfulness as a disciplinary tool, or to demand a certain behavior. It inherently includes the quality of acceptance.

Our facilitators are not therapists. Should any children require additional counselling and support, we have a specialized therapist on our team to address matters of sensitivity.